Street  Soldier  " We  are  the  Army  for  All "

Throughout  history,  people  have  been  faced  with  challenges  and  obstacles  in  life.  Some  accept  defeat,  while  others

embrace the opportunity and  find  the  inner  strength  to  overcome  them.

   Every  person  has  a  little  “Street Soldier”  inside  of  them.   It’s  a  mind  set  and  a  statement  of  personal  power. 

You  can  be  working  hard  labour  for  10  hours  a day or defending  your  country  overseas.  You  can  be  a  fighter 

trying  to climb  the  ranks ​ of  the ​ mixed  martial  arts  world  or  enforcing t he  law  and  keeping  the  streets  safe.  

The "Street Soldier" brand  caters  to  all ​

from  Mixed  Martial  Arts  Fighter  to  Fitness  Model  ...  Bodybuilder  to  Boxer  ...  Skateboarder  to  Super  Hero ...

We  are  the  Army   for  All .

 That is the “Street Soldier” brand.  It’s what every person has inside of them.  It’s the determination to survive the

“everyday struggle”.         

  The  "Street Soldier"  Brand  was  developed  in  2009  in  Toronto,  Ontario,  Canada  and  prides  itself  on 

Quality, ​ Affordability ​ and  Uniqueness. 


  " Street Soldier" was an idea and a vision  of  what  will  be  the  next  “ big thing” in the apparel  industry.  You will never

know what ​ your vision could be unless you unveil it to others. 

The World will decide your Success.